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Elevating your lifting & transport needs to new heights. horizons. levels.

Offering the biggest crane arm & lifting capacity in the illawarra & south coast.

We understand that every moment matters in the world of lifting, transport & logistics. That's why we are your trusted partner ready to drive your business forward. Advanced lifting technology, safe driver training, and exceptional customer care are all combined with the power of our impressive fleet. Our Crane Truck Services and Transport of over-sized goods are both secure & reliable solutions, offered Australia Wide.

Darren & Orlane Mortimer – Proud Owners of the Family Owned & Operated WCT.

Leverage our comprehensive solutions that will completely transform your projects lifting, transport & haulaGE capabilities / aUSTRALIA WIDE


Crane Lifts Varied Sizes & Weights

It’s not rocket science, but it does take precision, skill and an experienced team to support you.

Commercial & Residential

We deliver and live various construction and landscape materials to commercial and residential build and development sites.

Pool & Spa Lifts

Often referred to as a boom lift or boom in the pool - we provide our services to the top pool and spa builders and providers across the Illawarra, South Coast and Sydney.

Transport & Haulage

Transport and Haulage Australia-wide, delivering your goods, providing escorts and ensuring oversized and high-risk transport items are delivered on time and safely.

Extended Arm Crane Lifts

Our “Big Boy” effer crane truck is the epitome of extension capabilities. With a 34m arm lift.

This is the biggest arm span crane available from the Victorian border to Sydney NSW – based in the Illawarra and is available right now to book.

Heavy load crane lifts

Our “Big Boy” effer crane truck is the epitome of weight lifting capability with a max 500kg weight load.

This is the biggest arm span crane available from the Victorian border to Sydney NSW – based in the Illawarra and is available right now to book.

Transport & Haulage

Operating transport and haulage solutions from our Illawarra location and extending Australia Wide.

We have a fleet of trucks available, with differing load sizes and weight capacities – alongside our crane lift options.

Large / over sized item lifts

There is no job too big or small in reality, so we can assist from lifting structural steel and roof sheets to landscape material – across to boats, pools and spas.

We have the largest arm span crane with 34m reach and a 500kg capacity available in the Illawarra and South Coast.

Signage Installs

Be that commercial or even Government we can assist with lifts for your signage installs and signage repair/replacement.

Are you looking for someone to assist with your commercial fitout?

Pool & Spa Lifts

We work with specialised pool builders and installers across the Illawarra, South Coast and Sydney providing what we consider to be the safest lift. Also called or known as a boom lift or pool boom-in – this is a weekly occurrence with many homeowners installing home pools and spas and living their best lives.

Commercial & residential

Whether your project is commercial or residential building works, if you require a lift of materials across the building, above the building or from street to site, or even landscaping drops we can offer a variety of solutions across our fleet.

Disaster Relief

We can assist with the removal of debris, assistance in lifting access ramps or bridges and provide other necessary work on your property, via insurance companies and Government required contracts.

Landscaping deliveries

Whether your project is commercial or residential we can assist with delivery of your large and or oversized landscaping supplies. From rock, mulch, sand and soil through to masonry blocks and more.


We take pride in our high quality, standards and advancements in our fleet alongside our maintenance and repairs to provide our customers with a high quality and timely service. Only the best will do for WCT.