As a family-owned business, we have over 35 years of experience transporting goods, hauling loads of all shapes and sizes, and lifting various items for residential and commercial projects around Illawarra, South Coast, Sydney and the surrounding areas. We are your experts that can get the job done.

We shift loads for various businesses, moving between commercial, industrial and residential properties. With a fleet of trucks to suit each need, from steelwork and timber to containers and concrete blocks. We can transport across state lines or make local deliveries of oversized items. 

So, if you require a reliable crane truck or transport services, call the friendly Wollongong Crane Trucks team today.

Our Story

Darren started his journey into the world of Crane Trucks, Transport and Haulage an impressive 35 years ago. As a family man and a proud Wollongong local he has raised his family in and around trucks, his fleet and his company for decades. Proudly standing by his side is Orlane, Darren’s daughter and WCT Business Manager. Orlane isDarren has been involved in the world of Crane Trucks, Transport, and Haulage for an impressive 35 years. As a family man and a proud Wollongong local, he has raised his family around trucks, his fleet, and his company for decades. Orlane, Darren’s daughter, works as the WCT Business Manager and is a significant part of the future of Wollongong Crane Trucks.


Orlane has solidified her role in the business, and she is also an active member of Women in Transport, making her unique in the local community. Both Orlane and Darren are dedicated to supporting and helping those most in need through various campaigns and fundraising efforts. They are the face of many such initiatives in their community. a huge part of the future of Wollongong Crane Trucks (WCT).

Orlane has cemented her role in the business, but also uniquely locally as part of Women in Transport.  As active supporters within our community both Orlane and Darren are the face of many campaigns and fundraising efforts – to support and help those most in need.

Proudy Darren, Orlane and the WCT team are finalists for the 2024 Australian Small Business Champions and Local Business Awards.

Convoy 2023 lead truck bid

Community Support

how do we support the illawarra region?

Through various events, sponsorships and charity events we provide not only money towards the community but our time. Orlane has personally stepped up massively across the last few years to become a leader in Women in Transport across the region, and to support the following key initiatives to raise desperately needed funds for locals across our region:

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A select array of images from our events sponsored as well as awards and things we are part of or nominated for. WCT is proud to be a family owned business, proudly local to the Wollongong region.

Our Newest Addition

Our big boy is a proud new addition to the WCT family, with a 500kg load cap and 35m arm stretch – he is a beauty!

Various Size, Arms Spans and Weights Lifts 100%
Oversized Loads
Our Big Boy Covers up to 500kg 100%
Up to 35m Arm reach
Yes the largest in our region 100%
Options Australia Wide 100%
Options Australia Wide 100%
Escort Vehicles
We are experts to ensure your on time and on track 100%
Family Owned & Operated
Over 35 Years 100%
Big Boy Crane Lift Over